From a young age Papillon’s love of music began with listening and playing Mozart on the piano and later the flute. During her student years in design college she was introduced to electronic music and this rocked her world!

This introduction powerfully ignited a dormant passion inspired by the sound and rhythm of music. Papillon could clearly sense the ability music had to lift peoples spirit. So she began to collect vinyl; for example abstract unusual songs, funk, soul, disco to house music and anything that appealed to her unique taste came with her to the parties she played.

A Promoter spotted Papillon djing at a private party and invited her to be a guest dj in a well known club. Her love of music and dance increased and with that secured many club and bar residencies. She decided to follow her dreams and dj in Ibiza. Once on the Island she played in several bars namely the Rock and Base Bar here supported Carl Cox, roof top and funky room in Pacha and the infamous Privilege, home of Manumission, for Balearic People here she supported Jose Padilla founder of Cafe Del Mar.

Papillon’s DJ skills and enthusiastic attitude has taken her across Europe where she has entertained private parties, clubs, weddings, fashion shows and special corporate launches. She later began to introduce the flute into her chill out sets.

After landing on the exotic shores of Ibiza, herself and her team set up a DJ school called DJBasix with a desire to give back what she learnt over the years . DJBasix takes students on an adventure to explore the world of music and soak in the experience of Ibiza, the dance capital of the world.